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Miglior Configurazione hardware per ASP.NET Application Hosting

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    Miglior Configurazione hardware per ASP.NET Application Hosting

    We have developed an application for rent in ASP.NET with SQL Server as database. Used with .NET 3.5 Entity Framework. Currently QA test this with the P4 machine with 2 GB of RAM. It seems that the processor usage goes up to 50% for each request. All our recovery times are DB <1 sec. Page loading is very slow. We applied all the suggestions of performance level (IIS compression, Keep Connection Live) and caching to limit the bandwidth (which is normal to 300-500 KB).

    We use Telerik RAD Controls for most of the pages. It was decided that the server hardware is the bottleneck (from HTTP Analyzer measuring the waiting time).

    We expect 100 concurrent users from 100 to 200 transactions per second. We run both IIS and SQL Server on the same server and well accommodated in asphostportal.com

    Legacy application responds very well to the same server - No EF, Telerik controls etc.

    Can anyone recommend a good hardware configuration RAM, CPU speed, etc. and what other techniques to speed up the performance?
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