Mattone Poesia launches on its official website the new glass blocks collection.

On the official web site of the Italian glass brick company Mattone Poesia you can see the new glass blocks collection. Mattone Poesia is a producer, manufacturer and distributor of glass blocks, glass tiles, roof tiles. The company operates a distribution service covering the whole world.

Mattone Poesia new glass blocks collection is characterized by a large choice of colours, special workings and shapes: glass brick or half glass brick, glass’ column in several sizes, glass angle bar, square glass column, glass insert, half glass insert, small glass brick.
Glass Brick is a material engaged in the building for the construction both in interior and outdoor. Bricks, plates, roof tiles, and special sizes in glass handmade that find application above all in the street furniture for building structural elements in glass like partition small walls, walls for bath, covering materials for showers and bathtubs, otherwise for realizing decorations by lightworks and colour, or also for giving animation to a passage or light to a dark room, all creative and functional solutions.

To see the new glass block collection visit Mattone Poesia web site