mi scusi, ma io non parlo Italiano molto bene, so I will write in English

I am an affiliate marketer, active in Slovenia and Croatia. Because I (finally) have one good product, that converts well in this two markets, I would like to expand that to Italy. But, here is the challenge - I know and already work with most of the most visited websites in Balkan countries, so I can get good prices here (and if you need something on this countries, just PM me). But on the other hand, I do not have any connections in Italy jet and that's because I am here

If you already work with some of the most visited websites in Italy, like Republicca and so on and you know that they provide good quality for their price and you are able to get my articles to at least one website like that, with decent Italian traffic for a resonable price (you can add your margin here of course), please PM me.

I've already find a guy on Fiverr that find me 30 most visited news sites in Italy and I have already contacted all of them, but got just one reply and event this guy tells me that my article will be accessible only during the promotion (but as you know that don't help me for my SEO ).

C'mon good guys, anybody here?