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1. IUPAP: Home
Official online space for the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), whose aims are: to stimulate and promote international cooperation in physics; to sponsor suitable international meetings and to assist organizing committees; to foster the preparation and the publication of abstracts of papers and tables of physical constants; to promote international agreements on other use of symbols, units, nomenclature and standards; to foster free circulation of scientists; to encourage research and education.
2. MathPages
Presents a collection of essays, articles and notes on Mathematics and Physics, indexed by topic. Deeper insights are available on Relativity, Music, History of Mathematics and famous quotations.
3. Living Reviews in Relativity
Presents fully-available articles in the fields of Relativity, indexed and collected in yearly volumes: provides results, ideas, proposals and mathematical calculations in Special, General, Cosmological and Quantum Relativity.

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