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Provides a fully-functional downloadable product, both free and open source, with an extensive archive of Modifications (MODs) and templates. Allows to create and deeply modify this particular Forum-oriented CMS.
Full online documentation and tutorials available in order to set, check and hack the code of the graphical interface and the internal structure; other tips and tricks in the official Forum bound to the portal.
Also offers introductory and elementary mini-guides to PHP, to better understand and master the syntax.
Collects and presents a wide range of phpBB tips, tricks and code hacks, both vor version 2 and version 3.
Also available Modifications (MODs) and customizable templates, all under an open source licence.
Presents lots of guides and an useful support Forum to gain a better match among the original software and its numerous add-ons, plug-ins and additional packages.
Completely devoted to PHP program language, offers job opportunities, a collections of code MODs and ready-to-use scripts, book reviews.
Also provides: statistics about the different support level offered by hosting services which make great use of this particular syntax, a newsletter, an help Forum and community, the chance to download fully functional classes.
Registration needed to access most of the services.
Provides online manuals for the program language, with guides and tips, a FAQ section, step-by-step tutorials, useful scripts and other didactic material; offers program language interfaces (API), resources about Web Servers and Databases.
Highlights and continuously presents updates and news about new releases, upgrades, development announcements, bug finding and fixing reports, upcoming events and meetings for both newbies and trained/skilled professionals.
Registered users can write comments and/or add their scripts in dedicated areas.
Multilingual support available: translations and contents in Italian, German, French and so on.
5. Forum Software Reviews
Provides detailed technical sheets and useful comparisons among different Forum-dedicated CMSs as vBulletin, phpBB, SMF, Drupal and so on.
Also available fully-functional demo versions of each CMS, refreshed frequently: the visitor can log in and try different panels - Administration, Global Moderation, Moderation and User - in order to achieve a more complete opinion about the different products and play with tricks and tips.
Offers updated reviews and simple step-by-step tutorials - from the first installation to everyday mainteinance, covering the most advanced modifications too.
Support forum available.
6. Ruby
A developers' community entirely devoted to Ruby on Rails, a free open-source program language; provides ist users a fully-functional downloadable suite with technical manuals and additional libraries; offers news, fundamental security reports and bug-fixing tricks.

Multilingual contents available.
7. iCPR
News about iCPR, the iPhone App dedicated to CPR training.
8. IE6 No More
News and actions against Internet Explorer 6.